According to Staples:
 “If on Thursday we tell Vallerie that we need 30 trailers by Monday, we know from experience that Vallerie will have them there. The fact that their facility is 81 miles away - well that makes it a challenge!”

Restoration Hardware says:
“Of the hundreds of Storage Trailers that Resto has rented over the past five years, we have not yet had a trailer leak or a weak floor.  Vallerie is the only Trailer Company that we have ever seen that can deliver such a volume of trailers on so little notice, so fast!”

J.P. of DDS says:
“We were in a jam and we needed the space now! Vallerie needed only a single days notice and equipped us with 10,000 sq ft. of additional ready to go storage space. At first we were seeking just a quick fix, however the quality of the equipment was exceptional. Therefore we continued to use this storage for a much longer term . In fact, we continue to use their service today!"

Professional Electric says:
“We had 10 trailer loads of job materials shipped directly to Vallerie, who managed to redistribute them into 30 Vallerie trailers, each of which was delivered to 1 of 30 different jobsites. Our crews were able to work out of the trailers until they were empty. I can't begin to tell you how much we saved in handling cost not to mention, we were going to need to rent some type of storage at each job anyway!“

Anthony of TransNational Transportation says:
“We handle a tremendous amount of freight between the Mid-Atlantic Region and the Tri-State Area. I am impressed with the quality of the equipment, The rates were great, and Vallerie is always responsive to our needs. Is there anything else?”

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