Trailers vs. Containers

Do I need a Storage Trailer or a Storage Container?

Safety & Convenience dictate that walk-in storage is preferable.  Distributors  & Manufacturers often have loading docks with doors to spare, whereas Contractors and Retailers do not.

Characteristics of a trailer:

  1. Loading Dock Height (not ground accessible)
  2. Portability (can be moved loaded)

Characteristics of a Container:

  1. Ground Level
  2. Cannot be moved once it is loaded
  3. Available in 20’ and 40’ lengths

Space Constraints of Containers:

Another advantage of ground level storage containers is that the containers take up less ground space, however placement of 40' container requires a tremendous amount of room, (much more than the placement of a trailer), whereas a 20’ container can be placed almost anywhere. A 20’ container takes up about as much space as a car parking spot.

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