Yard Storage

Would you like to lease a storage unit from us but have no place to store it? Then let Vallerie Trailer store it for you. We store hundreds of storage trailers and containers safely and economically. If your warehouse, factory or retail store is just too overstocked with goods, then why not do what hundreds of others have done, rent a storage unit from Vallerie Trailer. Have Vallerie come out and pick up your merchandise, store it in our yard and re-deliver it whenever you are ready.

Storage for work in progress can be a problem. Materials can arrive months too early for a job. A job order can be so large that you don't have the room to store the finished portion of the order. Storing product in a trailer and then having us store the trailer at our 8 acre facility reduces your labor charges and the risk of damage due to excessive handling. Full Load Trailer Storage can be an extremely efficient solution.  Contact us to find out about our portable storage solutions.

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Vallerie provides service within a 100 mile radius of Baltimore, MD. We deliver trailer and container rentals to:

  • Northern Virginia
  • Washington, DC
  • York, Pennsylvania
  • Wilmington, Delaware
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